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So, you’re planning a move. Yes, people move every day all around the world. Individuals and families load their household items into boxes and transport them to new horizons. In theory, it doesn’t sound all that difficult.

But, we all know the reality. Moving very rarely goes smoothly. Boxes are dropped, prized possessions are broken, movers lose furniture, and the whole process takes painstakingly longer than you ever thought it would. It’s no surprise that mental health experts rank moving as the third most stressful event that can happen in a person’s life. Only death and divorce rank higher. Let’s not forget that death and divorce are two primary reasons why people move in the first place!

This ebook was written to help you identify key sources of moving frustration and to offer 5 easy-to-implement guidelines for making your life a little easier during this transitional time. Sure, we all know that it’s great to create lists and stay organized. However, we’re going to dig a little deeper in this guide to give you real-life strategies for avoiding the potential pitfalls that can turn this exciting time into a logistical nightmare.

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