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Meet the Owner – Suzanne PuhlmanSuzanne Puhlman Headshot |The Perfect Packer

I started The Perfect Packer basically just out of the habit of helping people. My parents were realtors when I was growing up and by the time I was 18 we had moved 13 times! I was a pro at packing, unpacking and painting the walls too. When you move a lot, you naturally have to sort through your possessions as you pack, so now it is just a habit. My family’s motto has always been, “If you don’t use it in a year, throw it out.” Who wants to move what you don’t really love and have to have? Now, as an adult, I do not move much but my family motto of sorting & decluttering remain. I have all kinds of ways to minimize the clutter and keep current on what I actually want to keep and use. For example, in order for my kids to get new presents on their birthday & Christmas they have to go through their current toys and rooms and donate old toys and clothes that they just don’t use.

The Perfect Packer began simply by helping a friend sort through her home and figure out what needed to be packed up for a move across the country. When we were done packing up her house, we were sitting in her backyard sharing some wine, & it just became evident to me that other people would need help & benefit from my skills too! So, within 2 months, The Perfect Packer was launched.


More About Suzanne

  • Originally from N.Y & N.J. and moved to Lafayette as a teen.
  • Attended Cal Poly for Nutritional Science
  • Has been living in the S. F. East Bay ever since college
  • Resides in Danville, CA with  her husband and two kids.
  • Her hobbies include hiking, biking, hanging out at the beach, traveling, exploring new foods