1. How does your pricing work?

Each client’s situation is different; services are customized and are individually priced. During your complimentary consultation we will develop a plan that meets your needs, timeline and budget. After the consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of the services you selected. Based on the contents viewed at your original consultation by our Perfect Packer expert, your final bill will never exceed over 10% of your original estimate.


2. Why wouldn’t I use a mover to pack and unpack my things?

A typical moving service of men will “pack” by wrapping all your items and boxing them and “unpack” your items by placing them on countertops or tables leaving you with the stress of putting it away yourself. The Perfect Packer understands that your possessions are priceless! Our seasoned team of women will meticulously wrap your treasures, organize your boxes and declutter all at the same time. With The Perfect Packer, we are efficient, fast and careful with your packing and unpacking needs.


3. My parents are moving and I am unable to assist in the move, can you take care of it?

Definitely. Based on our years of experience and personal touch, your loved ones are in good hands. The Perfect Packer will assist in each step of the move: packing, decluttering, unpacking and settling them into their new home making them feel like a family member is with them.


4. Do I need to be present at the time of service?

No, you can leave the job completely to us based on your needs or wishes.


5. Can I help with the packing and unpacking?

 A client can choose to work with us, supervise or leave the tasks totally to us, based on the client’s needs and wishes.


6. What if I’m not comfortable with strangers looking through my personal items?

 Our packing team of women understand that this could be uncomfortable for you. All of our packers are professional, respectful of privacy and understand that they are a guest in your home.


7. Help, the movers are coming and I won’t be ready. Can you help with short notice?

 Absolutely, stay calm and The Perfect Packer will get your move back on track!